Inwood Soccer Club

Inwood Soccer Club is a non-profit organization that serves players of all levels – from recreational to college-bound. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for all youth athletes in the Houston, Aldine, Greenspoint and north side area.


Our programs are designed to develop:

-soccer skills customized on their age and level of play
-proper attitudes toward competition and sportsmanship,
-respect for rules,
-the value of team work,
-and the gaining of self-confidence through the improvement of their soccer skills
-most importantly the purpose to provide a fun, safe, and an enjoyable environment for all of the players, coaches, referees, and parents

Inwood Soccer Club is affiliated with the Houston Youth Soccer Association (HYSA), the South Texas Soccer Association (STYSA), and United State Youth Soccer (USYS)

Inwood Soccer Club’s Mission

-Give to all the players, coach, and the referee the opportunity to develop his or her skills to achieve highest levels of the individual ability
-Provide a fun, safe, and enjoyable competition to our players, coaches, referees, and parents
-Promoted honesty, integrity, and good values within the soccer community
-Govern and administer the sport of soccer in a fair, efficient, and exemplary fashion
-Be an organization which is a positive role model and which provides leadership to the sports to our community

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