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Inwood Soccer Club offers the opportunity to become a certified referee. Previous playing experience is not required. To start refereeing, you must successfully complete a referee clinic to get certified. The purpose of the U.S. Soccer Grade 8 Referee Course is to prepare officials for the competitive youth game. Based on the level of training provided, U.S. Soccer recommends that these officials be assigned to the most appropriate age group and level to best serve the game and the referees.
The referee clinics consist of three parts:
A self-paced online course
A one-day classroom session (The online portion must be completed a few days prior to the classroom session)
A certification test

Future referees must complete all three sections to pass the course and be registered with U.S. Soccer. This simple process offers a great opportunity to learn more about soccer while staying fit and making extra money.

Referee Clinic Schedule:

The schedule of clinics can be found on the South Texas Soccer Referee site. The clinic costs $30 plus a registration fee of $50-$75.

Benefits to Refereeing:
Learning the laws and rules of the game
Be part of a networking circle that is just as passionate about soccer as you are
Flexible scheduling
Improve your communication and decision-making skills
Boost your income

Referees are paid by age group (length of game) and position (center/assistant). Certified referees can work games at ISC fields, as well as work games sanctioned by other US Soccer affiliated organizations. A center referee can earn from $25-$60 per game, while an assistant referee can earn $15-35 per game.

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